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Computer Science BSc

University of Manchester
September 2008 - September 2011


Nov 2018

Contract Software Engineer

Mercari US / Mercari, Inc

3 years 3 months

After Mercari UK decided to cease operations in the UK, I was kept on to consult for Mercari US working from my home. My current role is that of a Senior Contract Backend Engineer, as part of a scrum team based in Palo Alto. My job on a technical level involves development of Golang proto microservices, Maintenance on the legacy PHP REST apis, GKE (K8/Kubernetes) deployment pipelines, terraform infrastructure as code, ... and much more that wont fit in this little description section.

March 2017

Lead Software Engineer

Mercari UK / Mercari Europe Ltd

1 year 8 months

I joined Mercari as a Senior Engineer and was rapidly promoted to Lead, my role had multiple components. Part of my role I manage and contributed too cross-region projects built on Python, Golang or PHP. In other parts of my role I manage and contribute to deployment pipelines running on CircleCI and pushing to gcloud (GCE or GAE). Whilst also supporting hiring and mentoring of our Senior and Junior engineers, whilst reporting to the UK VPoE.

April 2016

Chief Technology Officer

Octer / Shareight Ltd

11 months

After 18 months of consultancy with Octer, I was appointed their CTO to help manage the refactored event centric platform; and mentor the small engineering team with growth plans. My new leadership role was heavily devops centric though, in order to free the rest of the team to focus on service development. Their platform revolved around a Jenkins CI build and manual approved deploy pipeline. They operated dozens of VMs and LXC containers running LAMP/LEMP/ELK stacks.

Sept 2014

Contract PHP Developer

Octer / Shareight Ltd

1 year 7 months

While working here as a consultant, I worked on various distributed microservices operating mostly on siren Json hypermedia REST pattern, XML queued feed downloaders and supporting the re-architecture of their monolithic startup codebase. The majority of the new refactored code written was in the Symfony2/Symfony3 framework (PHP5), numerous caching, queue and storage engines were in useā€¦ with the support of third party bundles and libraries.

Mar 2013

Senior PHP Developer

Sunny / Think Finance Ltd

1 year 7 months

My role at Think Finance involved working on their monolithic api application running on the somewhat infamous Zend 1.0 framework. Back when snake case class names and SVN versioning where the common approach. The role also leaned on some of my basic frontend skills with jQuery/jQuery Mobile, HTML/CSS, responsive sites and mentoring junior developers on the team. I left just as they were considering an upgrade to PHP5.6, which was long overdue.

Sept 2011

Junior PHP Developer

StrategyEye / Market Clusters Ltd

1 year 7 months

My first full time position in London, it required me to use my PHP skills honed during part-time University studies, to resolve bugs and expand the monolithic api application built on the Zend 1.0 framework. Alongside this we began prototyping a new product built on Symfony2; which really springboarded my career into Symfony development.

Dec 2008

Junior PHP Developer

Orchard Hosting / Orchard Internet Ltd

2 years 7 months

This was a part time role whilst I was studying for my CompSci degree in Manchester; it involved mostly maintenance on their buggy billing and system maintenance tools. The limited greenfield development on offer, was on an in-house CMS built on the Codeigniter PHP framework and Rapyd, a lightweight CRUD library for building WYSIWYG editors.