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Computer Science BSc

University of Manchester
September 2008 - September 2011


Sept 2014

Contract PHP Developer

Octer / Shareight Ltd

3 years 8 months 8 days

My work for Shareight/Trading name Octer, is varying day-to-day. Fundamentally, I help maintain the diverse variety of semi-RESTful APIs, on various internal platforms, running on the Symfony2 framework. To add to that, I was part of a migration team transitioning the cloud platform provider from Microsoft Azure, to Linode. Day to day, I tend to help manage the multi-tiered architecture which helps facilitate application testing/investor relations pre-release. Their architecture (From a high level) comprises of multi-vendor XML feed import and merge, ElasticSearch indexing and eventually LEMP Stack API endpoints driving a mobile application.

Mar 2013

Senior PHP Developer

Sunny / Think Finance Ltd

1 year 7 months

My work for ThinkFinance UK consisted of development and maintenance of their two core financial products "Quid" and "Sunny". Day to day work involved my knowledge of the PHP framework Zend 1.0, jQuery/jQuery Mobile, HTML/CSS, responsive design and potentially a bit more... Their applications involve numerous third party services and APIs, such as ExactTarget, Experian, Verifone and EPDQ.

Sept 2011

Junior PHP Developer

StrategyEye / Market Clusters Ltd

1 year 7 months

My work for StrategyEye involved front line bug support for their various publishing partners, and core PHP development on their two main products; Publisher and EditorEye. These applications were built on the Zend 1.0 PHP framework and Symfony 2 PHP framework. Projects involved implementing the LinkedIn API, Implementing the MailChimp API and maintaining StrategyEye's content curation and publishing platform.

Dec 2008

Junior PHP Developer

Orchard Hosting / Orchard Internet Ltd

2 year 7 months

My work for Orchard revolved around their billing and management utilities, ensuring a quality unix experience for it's numerous customers across the network of servers. Tasks ranged from WHMCS billing system plugins, cPanel/WHM monitoring plugins and bespoke PHP work on the in-house CMS. The in-house CMS was built on a mash-up of the Codeigniter PHP framework and Rapyd, a Spanish lightweight CRUD application.